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About Providence Capital

Providence Capital Funding, Inc., understands that in today’s economy, you need equipment to help your business be successful. With fast and effective equipment leasing and commercial financing, you get the financial solutions you need to reach your business goals.

Our equipment leasing professionals create custom-designed financing based on your unique situation. Your needs will be met with fast approval and flexible rates. Our satisfied clients turn to us because we put the focus on you, your business, and your customers. Whether it’s equipment leasing or working capital, we’ll provide the right “make sense approach” for your business. Together we will review finance and lease options, and design the right program suited for your budget.

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Section 179 Benefits

As business owners, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the right equipment. While you don’t have to own the latest and greatest, your equipment has to get the job done. Not having the right equipment can make or break you. Luckily, Section 179 was created to encourage business owners to get the equipment they need and encourage growth by offering tax incentives

What is Section 179?

Section 179 is a section of IRS tax code allows you to deduct the full purchase price of the equipment from your gross income. Section 179 was included in the Stimulus Bill to help give tax relief to business owners. If used correctly, it can effectively change the your tax liability ( It can help turn around a year in the black. ) You don’t want to let these types of opportunities go to waste. Section 179 isn’t guaranteed, every year the stimulus bill has to get reapproved in order for the tax code to apply.

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