Good Reasons to upgrade your office furniture

We don’t put lots of thought into the furniture that we have around the office. The most common mantra that we see adopted is – if it works, don’t’ mess with it. While that’s certainly true for many companies, it isn’t a bad idea to take a look from your employees perspective. If your business is a machine shop, we certainly don’t think your reception area warrants Herman Miller chairs and tables. However, if you’re in an office environment, office furniture can certainly have an effect on your employees. In this article, we’ll cover the topics of how office furniture impacts your workforce.

Physical Health

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an office is the physical health aspect. A few of the most common injuries found in offices are strained backs, carpal tunnel, and other diseases. If your workforce spends a major part of their day at a computer, it’s essential to provide them with chairs that offer adjustable height and lumbar support. At Providence Capital Funding, we equip all of our workstations with Versadesks and gel pads to help combat strained wrist/carpal tunnel.


If your company operates in a professional environment, you’ll already know what we’re talking about. Many service companies have dress codes in place, whether it’s to inspire confidence in potential clients or just to boost morale- it’s an effective way to show your company means business. Why shouldn’t your office furniture do the same? Employees spend a majority of their day at work and offering an office environment that inspires confidence and boosts morale is essential. An article by Inc, states that when employees are the happiest is when they do the best work for the company.


It’s common knowledge that humans tend to work better if they’re comfortable. An employee that’s suffering from a sore back will take frequent breaks and accomplish less than an employee that’s comfortable.

Many members of our team here frequently swap office chairs to find the best fit. We’ve found that there’s one size fits all solution, so make sure to communicate with your employees to find out what chairs they want.


The impact of your office furniture can also affect potential clients. When you have uniform, modern office furniture – it inspires confidence in your company. When we mention the design & aesthetics, you also need to take into account practicality. If your company has many departments, you may want to consider adding an open design layout. Studies have shown this to encourage communication between departments.


There are additional benefits to adding updated office furniture like reducing injuries and downtime. Updating or renovating your office can be expensive, We get it. However, many of the cost associated with updating a space can be rolled over and negotiated into your lease when moving to a new office location.

You don’t have to get a fancy building like Apples Spaceship campus or Googles campuses to incorporate the design cues from them. We’re huge fans of standing desks and plan to implement them in the future.

As always, we’re here for you if you need any furniture financing. We’ve helped companies fund office furniture and renovations from amount $13,000 all the way up to $230,000. Our knowledgeable reps are ready to handle deals of any size. We can also prequalify you if you click here.