Our commitment

We can help bridge the gap between you and your customer. Our goal is to provide your customers with alternative finance options to ease the decision-making process when it comes to buying new equipment. Most importantly, our added service will differentiate your company from your competitors.

The Preferred Vendor Program

Flexible Finance Solutions

Our flexible finance solutions will give your customers more options when considering their equipment purchase with you. We can act quickly and efficiently, providing you with the information and answers in as little time as possible. Oftentimes, we are able to get your customer approved within the same day, or even within a couple of hours. In addition, customers will have the ability to sell, trade-in, or exchange equipment, which will result in higher repeat customer retention.

As a full service vendor, you have the product and expertise your customer needs. With vendor financing from Providence Capital Funding, you can provide the financing as well lower the risk of losing the sale. We can help you save two of your customers’ most valued commodities – time and money!

You can prepare your quotes with lease payments in a matter of seconds. You can include customized lease programs that will attract your product and customers. Your assigned leasing professional is always there to communicate with your customer to go over programs and answer any questions they may have.

Moreover, during tradeshows or important corporate events, our leasing professional can be present to extend further value to all your customers.

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Our Vendor Leasing Programs

A Vendor Leasing Program is a way to assist a vendor’s sales staff in selling equipment to their prospective customers. It provides the sales representative with a financing package at the time of the sale, when their customer is most interested in acquiring equipment. Our vendor finance program can help the vendor with providing customers with an alternative to large cash expenditures. It can also eliminate frustration your customer may have with their local bank. This can make the difference between facilitating the sale or losing the client.

Other Benefits to our Vendor Leasing Program?

Close More Sales – A prospective customer’s ability to handle the capital expenditure is often as much of a consideration as the equipment itself. Since sales are usually time-sensitive, the ability to offer a customer an immediate financing option from Providence Capital Funding will help you close more sales and close them more quickly.
High Approval Ratios for Customers – Providence has one of the highest approval ratios in the industry. This means that more customers will be able to buy your equipment.
Selling Up – The ability to provide a potential customer with the option of a few more dollars on a monthly lease payment as compared to thousands more on the invoice is a very powerful sales tool.
Increased Profit Margins – Providence Capital Funding can provide the equipment financing required to close a sale. We will be in constant contact with the client and answer any questions that they may have. This will allow your sales staff more time to focus on new clients. Reducing multiple sales equates to lower overhead costs. By increasing product sales and reducing sales costs, our vendor program can increase your profit margins.

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