4 Green Equipment Leasing Benefits


Green equipment leasing provides businesses with several benefits. Whether you are installing solar panels on your office building or switching to LED lighting, there are many ways for your business to go green.

As more businesses turn toward eco-friendly methods of work and production, Providence Capital Funding helps industry leaders make the transition to green and renewable energy.

Whether you are in the manufacturing industry or you run an office, read this blog post to discover 4 inherit advantages of green equipment leasing.

1.  Cut Down on Operational Costs.

Wind and solar power are inexpensive and powerful. Without fossil fuels to power machinery, you ramp up production while cutting down on operational costs. In addition, solar panels power buildings effectively and cut down on your utility bills.

Money saved means that your excess cash flow can be used to grow your business.

2.  Take Advantage of Tax Benefits.

Throughout the years, the IRS has implemented several tax incentives for solar energy equipment, wind-powered equipment, and geothermal heat pumps, among other eco-friendly equipment.

Read the full list of green energy tax incentives here.

3.  Create New Jobs.

According to a report from Clean Technica, 7.7 million jobs in renewable energy were created in 2014.

While switching to renewable energy equipment may not directly create new jobs in your business, you are contributing to economic growth when you make the switch. Plus, for most businesses, a growing economic infrastructure means more revenue.

4.  Give Prospects More Reason to do Business with You.

Environmentally friendly equipment shows that you care about the communities you serve. When you replace outdated equipment with its green counterpart, you’re helping the environment while improving efficiency.

With over 15 different warehousing lines, our green equipment leasing options give you the solutions that will help your business with its green energy upgrades.

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