5 Invoice Tools for your Business

Getting paid is essential in every business.  The ability to invoice your clients quickly and efficiently is a must in order to stay in business.  Luckily there are many solutions that make this possible.  While the core of these software options function similar, there are difference that may make more sense for your business.  While you can sit and compare features you may consider trying some of the many options out there.  Many of the software companies offer trial periods which allows you to find the appropriate invoicing solution for your business.

Quickbooks Online

Intuit has been putting out quality accounting software for businesses for years. Quickbooks is likely the most recognized name in accounting software for businesses. Their online model is a monthly based subscription that ensures that your business will always be current with their accounting tools. Not having to worry about upgrading software will allow you to focus on other areas of your business. Quickbooks Online allows your business to invoice and process payments directly. Additionally, the software integrates with other 3rd party payment processors and is cloud based.  The added benefit of cloud based software is that it can be accessed from multiple devices which include: desktops, tablet and mobile.  Quicbooks starts at $10 a month for the Simple plan and can stretch to $35 for the Plus plan.


Like Quickbooks, Freshbooks is another cloud based solution that is packed with many features that extend beyond just invoicing.  If you are looking for standalone invoicing software that is easy to use this may be for you.  Freshbooks is packed full of features that makes organizing, creating and distributing invoices very manageable.  The smallest monthly plan available for Freshbooks is $15 a month (Lite Plan) and can go as high as $50 a month (Premium).


If you are looking for a web based tool that is easy to setup with no monthly fees than Due might be what you are looking for.  Due is free to sign up and they charge a percentage on transactions.  This solution makes sense for smaller businesses with little overhead.  Despite being small, Due packs in several features.  Reporting, several payment options and unlimited invoices are just a few of the many features you can benefit from.


A solution that can handle your payables and receivables accounts.  Bill.com will even mail printed copies of invoices to your customers (for a fee) that have not yet adapted to the digital age.  For their starter package (Essentials) you are look at a price of $39 a month and their most popular and expensive package (Corporate) goes for $69 a month.

Online Invoices

A great option if you are looking to simply invoice your customers and are not interested in further accounting features.  With a standalone invoice package you can save money and not pay for features you aren’t going to use.  However, Online Invoices offers far more options if you are interested  While there is a free option available for the invoice package, it is recommended to go with the paid version that does not contain the “Online Invoices” branding on the invoices.

There are far more options out there than what is listed above.  Finding the solution that makes the most sense for you business will help your company stay on top of accounting responsibilities.

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