5 Pieces of Equipment Restaurants Lease

Restaurant equipment plays an essential role in running a successful restaurant.  While the equipment does not necessarily have to be top of the line or brand new, it has to allow you to deliver the best possible dining experiences for your customers.  With tough competition in the restaurant industry, an equipment lease might be a proper solution for a business looking to stay competitive without having to dish out large amounts of cash upfront.  By leasing particular pieces of equipment for your restaurant, you preserve cash flow to be used for day-to-day operations and growth opportunities.  Leasing your restaurant equipment may also help with reducing the need to spend money on the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment in your restaurant.

Walk In Refrigerators

If you are planning to store food in bulk then you will need a Walk In Refrigerator in the back of your restaurant.  The ability to keep large amounts of food and ingredients cold is a must for restaurants.  Walk In Refrigerators (and freezers) are an ideal piece of equipment to lease  as you will save money from having a more current and energy efficient model.  Additionally, not having to worry about food spoiling due to having an older model that needs maintenance will allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

Commercial Ovens

A powerful and efficient commercial oven is a must to keep the kitchen flowing properly.  Commercial ovens can also carry a high price tag that may use up funds that can be allocated to other parts of your business.  Additionally, Commercial Ovens are always improving and for this reason it may be a good idea to lease your ovens, so that you may replace or upgrade them as necessary.

Commercial Fryers

Similar to commercial ovens, commercial fryers are updated often with more powerful and efficient specs.  This makes commercial fryers  great candidates to lease for the same reason as commercial ovens.

Commercial Dishwashers

Dishwashers are often considered the unsung heroes in a restaurant.  They receive a heavy workload in restaurants and often do not get much appreciation until it stops working and you have to wash by hand.  For this reason they often require maintenance to run efficiently over the years.   The benefit of leasing your dishwasher is that you have the ability to get a current dishwasher that will be more efficient than your previous model and ideally with more capacity.

POS Systems

POS systems are constantly evolving.  Not all of the evolution is due to technological improvements.  Think of how much credit cards have changed in just the last few years or the ability of paying by mobile phone.  This alone may be a great reason for you to lease your POS system.  Leasing a POS System will provide the opportunity to upgrade to a newer system once your lease has matured allowing your restaurant to stay current with the latest trends in technology.


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