5 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work



1. Take Breaks 

In today’s work culture, many see the never-ending hustle as the way to go. Its counterproductive to endlessly work without taking a moment to recharge. When you are feeling stuck on a task at hand, take a 5-minute break to improve your focus. Take a walk around the office or grab a coffee to clear your mind and refresh your energy to tackle the remaining tasks at hand.

2. Set Small Goals 

A large project can be overwhelming. Instead of writing on your to-do list “Complete Project,” break it into smaller tasks. This makes the process much more manageable and allows you to be more in control. It allows you to have milestones of achievement on your journey to finishing your project.

3. Reduce Distractions 

Social media can be a significant productivity killer. Instead of having social media sites up on your browser all day, reduce your time by just checking them on your breaks. Also, when you are hard at work on a task, letting your coworkers know by shutting your door or putting up a sign can ensure you will not be interrupted. It becomes easier to focus when we just ignore the distractions and prioritize the specific task at hand.

4. Stop Multitasking 

Being on a call, eating lunch, preparing a presentation, and replying to an email concurrently is counterintuitive to completing the tasks faster. It is more efficient to handle one task at a time and it will enable you to get it done quicker.  It is actually humanly impossible to multitask. Our brains can only focus on one task at a time.

5. Prioritize 

It is key to plan your day with a to-do list. Take a moment to scan what tasks need to be completed. Complete them according to importance. This ensures that throughout the day you are not scrambling and directionless toward your projects.