A little about the Providence Preferred Vendor Program

If your business sells equipment and is looking for flexible financing options to offer your customers you may be interested in the Providence Capital Preferred Vendor Program.  Read below for some of the highlights of our program.  After signing up with Providence Capital, your business will have access to our expertise and financing programs that will help your business sell more equipment.

Why Providence Capital?

Providence Capital’s equipment financing programs offer many benefits that will grab the attention of your customers.  Below are a few of the highlighted benefits of using Providence Capital for your business’ equipment financing needs:

  • 94.1% Approval Ratio – Providence Capital works with your customer to get them approved.  We maintain an industry high approval rating and are accustomed to working with customers with both good and poor credit.
  • Flexible Financing – We work with customers with A to D credit.  Providence Capital’s flexible programs can make it possible for your customers to acquire the equipment you are selling regardless of their credit profile.
  • Fast Approval – Providence Capital begins working on getting your customer approved the moment we receive their application.  We understand that your customer wants their equipment and will work hard to move the process along quickly.
  • 12 – 72 Month Terms – With flexible terms, your customer can make the adjustments to get a monthly payment that makes sense.

Easy online setup

After filling out the easy Preferred Vendor Application form, Providence can then assist you with adding a financing form to your website.  The finance form is for your customers to fill out and then puts them in contact directly with Providence Capital where they will be assisted in finding the most ideal financing situation based on the information they provided.  Providence Capital can do all the necessary setup, so that you can offer equipment financing to your customers with little to no downtime.  The online form is branded and styled to look like your marketing assets.  Additionally, Providence can also assist with providing Equipment Finance Marketing Assets that you can share with your customers to educate them on the subject of equipment finance.

Further Reading

Read more about our Preferred Vendor Program and how it can benefit your company.  We have educational videos and content that provides information on the program and how we can help your company sell more equipment.  You can also apply to be part of our using our easy online application.