How to Find Events to Grow your Business

Trade Shows and expos are great places to learn about several different areas of your industry.  Get info on tools available to you that will make your business run smoother and increase productivity.  Network with businesses similar to yours and see how they operate (competition included).  Listen to seminars delivered by professionals and participate in Q&A sessions to expand your knowledge.  Get insight to the future of your industry.  All of these reasons mentioned provide a strong argument for the usefulness of expos and trade show.

Now that you know a little bit about how these events can help you and your business, read below ways to find events like these in your area.


Google is always a good place to start when looking for any type of information this includes expos and events related to your industry.  Using Google’s location services allows Google to find events relative to your search terms that are within a reasonable distance to your location.  From Google’s results you can have an overview of the event or even view the event’s website for further information.  Google also makes it easy to add events to your calendar directly from Google.

Expo Database

Another powerful tool to find expos is the website expodatabase.com.  This large hub for trade shows allows you to search for events by industry, geography and by date range.  Additionally, the site offers checklists and guides to help maximize your trade show experience.  If you miss an event, Expo Database even has recaps that may help you decide if this an event worth attending the following year.

10 Times

10 Times is another useful resource that makes finding events a simpler process.  Their site offers a powerful left column filter that allows you to narrow down topics to find the event(s) that is best for you.  Some of the useful features 10 Times offers includes:

  • Event ratings
  • Search by Hashtag
  • Top 100 Events
  • Search by Venue
  • iOS and Android apps

These are just a few of many resources you can use to help find events that may boost your business.