Getting on board with the ambulance business

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An increase in demand and an evolving industry

There is an increase in demand for medical transportation mainly due to the increase in the elderly population in the United States.  As the people grow older their need for medical attention increases.  Additionally, as people get older they become more dependent on others and that is a reason you will often notice more retirement communities popping up over the United States.  This increase has led to private individuals starting their own ambulance businesses to transport sick and injured people to the hospitals to receive medical attention.

What you need

Your needs will vary depending on the type of ambulance service you run.  There are both emergency and non-emergency ambulance services.  You must have a Health Insurance Portability and Accountant ACT (HIPAA) Permit.  You also must have a drug license through your state’s health department.  A driver is in need for the ambulance as well as certified EMTs to tend to those being transported.  You will also want to establish relationships with hospitals as this will lead to more business.  Location is key. You will want a location that is both nearby the hospital/medical centers as well as near communities such as retirement homes and communities for the elderly.

Medical Equipment you will need for your Ambulance Business

You can obtain a list of required equipment in order to run an ambulance through the Department of Public Safety for your state.  There are both new and used ambulances on the market.  Keep in mind that these vehicles must be serviced.  You may choose to hire a mechanic to keep the vehicles running properly at all times.  You will also need to purchase medical equipment for each of your ambulances.

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Purchase or Lease an Ambulance

The most obvious piece of the puzzle when running an ambulance business is the ambulance itself.  You have the option of purchasing a brand-new ambulance or searching or a used ambulance to save some money.  Providence Financial has a variety of ambulance leasing programs that would help your business get an ambulance.  These plans include ambulance leasing and a variety of other finance options.  You may also lease the necessary medical equipment for the ambulance.

Further Information

If you are interested in learning more about leasing equipment for your ambulance business, you may check out our dedicated medical equipment section and see why Providence Capital is considered to be one of the top medical equipment leasing companies.  Additionally, you can speak with one of our medical equipment finance experts at 1-800-341-1288.  Lastly, if you are interested in getting started with financing or leasing an ambulance or medical equipment you may fill out our quick online application and get approval in as little as 48 hours.