Grow your CNC business with these 5 tips

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If you run a CNC shop you are aware of the challenges you may be faced with working in an industry full of competition.  There are some things you can do to help set your business apart from the competition.  Whether it’s the relationships you have established, the expertise or possibly even the equipment used in the shop, they all play an important role in growing the business.  Below is a list of 5 items that can help a CNC shop grow.


Having the industry knowledge is key in attracting new business as well as keeping your current customers happy.  Continuous education will help your shop remain current with the latest industry trends.  This will impress clients and potential clients when consulting on projects.  Chances are they will be discussing their project(s) with other CNC shops as well.


The quality of work you put out often makes excellent marketing materials that will be seen by potential future customers.  While there are many factors that clients will seek out when shopping around for a CNC shop, the quality of the output is often a priority.  When faced with challenges such as workload, time constraints or even equipment issues, make sure that there isn’t a decrease in the quality of your output.


Just like in most other businesses, networking can help your shop grow.  Building up your client base as well as suppliers and other CNC shops are important.  Through networking, you may see benefits in the areas of referrals, outsourcing and sourcing.



Having the correct equipment to get the job done is essential.  To keep up with the demands and the types of projects customers will throw at you, you need to have equipment that can successfully complete projects.  Additionally, you may have potential customers coming into your shop to see the work you do.  While at the shop, they may have an interest in the equipment you are using on your floor.  Impressing them with a clean shop and quality equipment may influence them to hire your shop for projects.


Your shop may specialize in manufacturing certain items.  While it is important to have an area of expertise, it is also important to broaden your offerings.  Sometimes shops will limit what they offer due to limitations on equipment, shop size, knowledge base, etc.  See if there is a way your shop can reduce some of these limitations so that you can offer more and attract additional business.

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