What’s the Cloud?

Cloud is the latest method of storing data and accessing applications. Due to the always evolving nature of technology, the cloud is a new trend in IT that gives business owners the advantage. You’re able to access your data and software from anywhere in the world with cloud-based software. Some of the largest companies CRMs are based in the cloud now.

How can cloud based applications help your business? By having the software in the cloud, you’ll reduce your IT liability and be able to focus on growing your businesses and expansion. With other companies taking care of the cloud based software. You’ll stay up to date without having to update software.

With almost every company becoming affected by hacks and other compromises. Cloud-based software helps keep the risk on the hosted secured servers. As we learned with the recent Equifax hack, nobody is invincible from security breaches. However, the many advantages of keeping your data in the cloud include – protection against service interruptions, and no costly onsite server equipment to maintain and regularly back up.

Cloud based software is most commonly used for mobile devices, The benefits of having software on your phone can help improve productivity across the board. One of the biggest benefits of cloud based software is being able to upgrade at a moments notice. In the equipment leasing industry, we often times see businesses upgrade their server equipment as time goes by. By switching to cloud based software you can effectively remove some of the high cost of maintaining equipment.

Don’t get Cloud computing confused with SaaS ( Software as a Service ). These two very different terms are used a lot around each other. SaaS is often times software that you have to sync and download from an outside server.