How to celebrate Small Business Week

Every year the U.S Small Business Administration puts on Small Business Week to encourage people to think of Small Businesses when making a purchasing decision.  This week is a great time for small businesses to shine.  Below are a few ways Small Business Owners can participate in a week devoted to small businesses.

Show appreciation to your customers

Customers are essential to small businesses.  Showing appreciation to your customers on a week that celebrates small businesses will likely leave a lasting impression.  It also creates awareness to the customer that they play a major role in keeping small businesses alive.

How do you show appreciation to your customers?  The easiest way is with a Thank You.  Whether through an email newsletter, face to face or any other way you interact with your customers.

Show appreciation to your employees

Employees are essential in a small business.  While you are acknowledging Small Business Week, it is a great opportunity to take note of those that have helped your business run.  The gesture of employee appreciation on a week that celebrates small businesses will make your employees feel that they are playing an important role in the business.

How to show appreciation?  Do something out of the ordinary.  A luncheon or company event will make your employees feel appreciated.

Offer promotions

Small Business Week is an excellent opportunity to offer promotions that bring awareness to your customers.  It will also make your customers feel that they are playing an important role in Small Business Week.  Additionally, promotions for Small Business Week can be a great opportunity to attract customers that would normally go to larger businesses/services.

What make a great Small Business Week promotion?  Limited time offers or special discounts on products or services will encourage customers to spend money with small businesses this week.

Share your story

Small Businesses are often unique.  They do not share the same corporate feel of the big businesses they compete with.  Taking the time this week to share your business’ story is a great opportunity to educate customers about your business.  It invites the customer to learn more about you and your business while making them feel as they are receiving a more personal experience.  Often a customer will choose a business they feel comfortable with.  By sharing your story it provides an introduction to the customer that will create that sense of comfort.

Invest in your business

Small Business Week is an excellent time to grow your business.  Whether its through hiring additional professionals or purchasing new equipment for your business, take this week to focus on growth.  Strategize how you can make each year better than the previous and how you can compete with big businesses in your industry.

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