How to Land a Great Job without the Experience

Whether you are fresh out of college or trying to break into a new industry, the entire application process can be daunting, but not impossible. If you are willing to put in the effort it is really not as hard as you think and will be totally worth it. Hopefully, these points can provide a little insight and help make that next step to your new career.


1. The Reverse Resume

Looking at a job description can be paralyzing when you see the necessary experience in the job description. Let’s look at this a little differently. These job listings are essentially a “Reverse Resume” outlining the exact skills they believe are needed to be successful in filling the role within their company.  Focus on these and if there is a skill you don’t have work towards how you can acquire it.

I hear a lot from candidates that they are “looking for training” and “want to learn,” but these phrases can essentially reinforce your lack of experience. Bluntly, this means more time and money to put into you with no assurance that you will work out which is a less likely chance you will get the position you really want.

There are so many ways to pick up the skills you need aside from having experience. Like having a better understanding of how to get to that point. Pick up a book, download Audible if you “don’t have time” to sit and read about learning something new, get an internship (doesn’t have to be full time). Reach out to someone in the industry and position you are interviewing for. Any of these can help to work your way through the “Reverse Resume” and make the process seem much more possible.

2. Network

LinkedIn is a great source to connect with professionals and share knowledge. Don’t be afraid to connect with people in the industry that are currently in the role you are applying for and pick their brain. Reach out and ask questions. Their likes and dislikes, recommendations, and even about their current employing company.

3. Overselling Yourself

Don’t do it. Companies often give opportunity for growth; putting your abilities on a pedestal can often knock you down if you are unable to deliver. It’s okay to talk yourself up in an interview or once you have the job, but admit to yourself where you fall short and be specific about what value you can provide.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, it’s not. If you are truly passionate about taking a step towards your career, these points are a great place to start

Author: Alina Sosa – Recruiting Coordinator – Providence Capital
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