Leasing A Server

What is a Server?

A server is a computer or device that is used to share resources through a network of devices.  Chances are if you are in an office that has multiple computers you are using a server.  Servers make it possible to store data in a central location for multiple users, share printers, or even to manage the devices of its users.  Server computers are generally configured different from regular computers.  They will often have a different Operating System aimed at server-like tasks.  Additionally, they will be equipped with more RAM and larger Hard Drive space to accommodate all of the the users on your network.  Read on to learn more about the different types of servers and the benefits of leasing a computer server.

Types of Servers

There are different types of servers dedicated to different tasks.  See a few of the types below:

Web Server

These types of servers are used for broadcasting websites.  Users are able to view the websites using a web browser.  These serves also handle cloud related storage tasks.

Email Server

Email servers handle email related tasks.  Sending and receiving of emails.  Emails are downloaded to your computer through an Email Server so that you can view the messages.

Identity Server

If your business requires individuals to use logins and other security features that are controlled centrally, they are using this type of server.  Identity Servers also allow different levels of authorization for users.  This keeps control over what an individual is able to do on the network.

The benefits of leasing a computer server

Reduce upfront costs

If you are shopping around for a computer server for your business you may have noticed the high upfront costs you will be looking at if purchasing the server.  Leasing your server will free up cash by not having to use a large amount upfront.

Get the latest technology

Equipment leases allow you to get the latest technology for your business.  Technology trends are always changing and as improvements are made it is important to stay current with the latest.  After your lease term ends, you can upgrade to newer equipment.

Reduce maintenance costs

A server is much like a personal computer, it needs to be upgraded periodically.  For this reason, leasing a server would allow you to upgrade to a newer server once your lease is up.  This will also reduce maintenance costs that is usually required to maintain an older server.

Calculate your lease payments

If you still are not convinced of the benefits of leasing a computer server, try out our equipment lease calculator.  This will help you see what you will be paying each month.  If you would like a custom quote for a computer server for your business you can fill out our quick quote form.