NAB show 2017 recap

If you didn’t attend NAB this year – you may have missed out. Not only was it a good time in Sin City, but attendance broke 100,000 this year. In our Opinion ( On the ground ) – this was the largest show yet. As the definition of the “broadcasting industry” continues to grow, there’s more things to see. With the introduction of live streaming – broadcasting has become more accessible than ever. NAB show is the largest professional broadcast, video production, and post production show – so there’s an endless amount of things to do.

Most of our time spent at the show was spent meeting with clients and putting faces to names – but here are a few of the booths that stood out to us the most.

Here’s a couple highlights that we thought were memorable from the show!

NAB show 2017 Production

DJI – While Consumers mostly know DJI for their drones and remote controlled technology. They’re also making a name for themselves in filmmaking. Their gimbals have quickly becomes some of the most widely used and accessible by amateur filmmakers. With the announcement of their next gen Ronin 2, they take aim to improve their already wildly popular product. At the show, we were able to take a close look at the Ronin Gimbal rig and were thoroughly impressed with how smooth and light it was. The DJI spokesperson explained that the biggest improvement is the power and ability to carry larger fully cinematic cameras in the Ronin 2.

DJI Ronin 2 - NAB Show 2017

Also being introduced by DJI, is their new line of drone accessories which improve flying and data collection. Amongst these accessories are a VR goggle set. While we didn’t get to try out these goggles, it’s clear that DJI intends on revolutionizing the way we fly drones with this VR set. DJI claims the ability to control your drone with the goggles with a feature called “Head tracking flight”. We’re drone enthusiast over here, so we’re excited to see how this technology pans out!

HDR Sony presentation - NAB show 2017
Sony – After visiting Sony’s booth at NAB show 2017. We were amazed at the range of products that they’re introducing this year. One of their spokespersons explain that they’re introducing 3 cameras that support live 4K & HDR. HDR is the new position that Sony is pushing since 3D in live production is slowly phasing out. With how fast 4k televisions have been adopted, the industry has seen a spike in demand for HDR capable cameras. With the new introduction of Live HDR, you’ll save time in the post production process.

Electronics Research, Inc ( ERI ) – ERI introduced a few new products at their booth this year. We have a great working relationship with the guys over at ERI and wanted to mention them. They announced a few new FM Antennas at the show that we’re excited to see get put into action.
The NAB show covers a massive amount of space at the Las Vegas Convention center, and it’s understandable that we were only able to cover so many booths. Our 2 days at the convention flew by and we’re thankful for all the people who stopped to chat with us. Until Next year…

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