Podcasts every Business Owner should listen to

If you have a long commute then you’ll know that there’s better ways to sit in traffic on the way home. Listening to the same songs on the radio gets repetitive and annoying. We’re often left thinking how much time we waste during our daily commutes. What can do you do to offset the boredom?

There’s plenty of ways to continue the learning process. Whether you’re on a flight, washing some dishes, or stuck in traffic. I know some of us cherish our downtime, but what if you could essentially be reading a book or catching up on current events while commuting? Podcasts and Audiobooks are not new. These two things can be conveniently loaded onto your smart phone ( the tool of every entrepreneur ) and make you a little bit more productive. Before you would need to carry around multiple books or magazines to get the same content, but with the magic of technology.. everything is now at your fingertips.

Podcasts on your mobile

Here are the top 4 podcasts that we recommend listening to.

  1. Mixergy – If you’re in the tech industry or just interested in it. Mixergy is the podcast for you. They commonly interview start up CEO’s and discuss how they built their companies up to success. It gives very interesting perspectives on what problems lots of start-ups tackle in the beginning.
  2. The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss has a cult following. He’s the author of multiple best selling books and spends his podcast interviewing and analyzing titans from all industries to find out what made them outperform the rest. His podcast is critically acclaimed and has over 100 million downloads! He’s interviewed Tony Robbins and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the past!
  3. #AskGaryVee Show – Gary Vee has something like a cult following on social media. Thousands of his loyal fans swear by him and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who works harder than him. He answers questions from viewers about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship.
  4. Reply All  – This podcasts covers modern culture and how the internet shapes the world. It also covers current events and very outside-the-box topics like how the internet works when theres an DDOS attack or how cyber crimes are solved.

Next up are Audiobooks. Podcasts are nice, but what if you want something a little more structured?
Here are the top 2 audiobook services to choose from

  1. Audible – This subscription based service from Amazon offers the largest selection of audiobooks ( 180,000) to listen to. You can listen to unlimited books while you pay the $15/mo fee.
  2. Overdrive – This is a audiobook service that has over 30,000 books available for ‘checkout’. It’s free of charge, provided that you have a library card. Use their intuitive app to listen in.

Every podcast and audiobook is a different length so if you’re listening during your daily commute, you can finish anywhere between 2-5 podcast a week. Audiobooks are longer so it may take up to 2 weeks to finish a particular book, but it’s  better than listening to radio gossip. Most Apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices so noone is left out. According to Entrepreneur , Keeping your mind engaged starting in the morning is essential to having a productive day!