Starting a Screen Printing Business


If you are a person who is creative and does not mind repetition, a Screen Printing business might be a perfect for you.  This is a business that is quite scalable and can even be started in a garage.  In addition to the equipment, it is important to have a strong marketing plan in pace.  The competition in this industry so it is important to position yourself above the competition through service and marketing.  Acquiring the correct equipment for your business will also be essential to your success.  This brief guide will cover a few bits of advice along with some advice on screen printing equipment that you may want to consider.

Getting Educated

Whether you chose the begin a small operation or jump in to a full service screen printing business, you are going to want to get the proper education.  When starting out in just about anything, it is important to have a proper plan in place before spending money and investing time.  Planning ahead will help avoid possible mistakes along with guiding you in the direction towards a successful business.  One of the best places to start when trying to learn about the screen printing business is the internet.  Specifically YouTube.  There are endless guides on equipment to purchase, best practices, inspiration and more.  Below is a video on technique.  There are several videos just like this one.  You can practically receive a full education in the subject just by watching videos on YouTube and then putting what you just learned into practice.  Being familiar with graphic software is another important part of the industry.  You will need to get familiar with software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in order to provided graphics and turn them into screens.  Once again the internet is extremely valuable resource to learn how to use these tools.

Building Relationships

It can be difficult to survive in an industry without relationships.  Being a local business you are going to want to build relationships with other local businesses.  This can benefit your screen printing business in several areas.  To being with, customers that are satisfied with your work are likely to recommend you to other potential future customers.  The products that you make for your customers will also be on display.  A screen printed T-shirt will be worn and get noticed in a community.  Quality work that gets noticed will likely lead to additional business for your company.  Lastly, building relationships with suppliers is also important.  A good relationship with suppliers will help you get price breaks on supplies and also improve the likeliness that you receive the best service.

Getting the appropriate equipment

Once again planning plays a big part in making sure you get the right equipment for the job.  Below is a list of the basic equipment you will need:

  • A Computer – You will need a fairly powerful computer that can quickly process graphics.  Additionally, it will need to be able to run graphics software like Adobe Illustrator.
  • Printer – A printer with the ability to sharply reproduce graphics with black ink that will block UV.  The printer will print on clear film that will be used for the stencils.
  • Clear Film – Used as a stencil to create the screens.
  • Emulsion – Also used to create screens.  Coats the screens to make the desired graphic.
  • Screens – Used to pass ink onto the desired surface in the shape created during the stencil making process.
  • Drying Area – You will need racks to dry the emulsion that has been placed on the screens.
  • Exposure Unit – Flashes the emulsion + stencil to create the desired graphic on the screens.
  • Press – Where the ink is applied to the desired surface.  Depending on the size of your operation, you can go with a manual or automatic.
  • Squeegees – Used to spread the ink across the screen evenly.
  • Ink – Applied to the surface, comes in various colors.
  • Drying Unit – Cures the inks and expedites the screen printing process.

In addition to the proper screen printing equipment, there are also various business expenses associated with running a business.  It is also important to remember that equipment will wear out from repetitive use, so take into consideration maintenance costs.

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