Commonly Financed Equipment

Businesses finance equipment for a variety of reasons.  There are many benefits to financing equipment for your business including: no down payment, avoiding obsolescence, flexibility, and more!  Below is a list of equipment that businesses will often finance.

Types of equipment

  1. Construction & Concrete Equipment
  2. Audio, Video, & Broadcast Equipment
  3. Car Wash Equipment
  4. Vending Equipment (Coin Operated)
  5. Automobile lifts
  6. Oil & Petroleum Equipment – Tanks, Pumps, Trailers & Trucks
  7. Automotive maintenance equipment
  8. Emissions testing equipment
  9. Cash registers/POS Systems
  10. CNC Machines, Lathes, Machining Centers
  11. Computer hardware
  12. Sanitation/ Janitorial Services
  13. Software
  14. Construction & Concrete equipment
  15. Photography equipment
  16. Packaging and folding equipment
  17. Food service equipment
  18. Glass cutting machinery
  19. Graphic design equipment
  20. Heating and cooling equipment
  21. IT equipment
  22. Landscaping equipment
  23. Laundry equipment
  24. Lighting equipment
  25. Office equipment and furniture
  26. Telecommunication equipment
  27. Point of sale equipment
  28. Portable buildings
  29. Printers and laminators
  30. Test and measurement equipment
  31. Sign industry machines


These are just some of the types equipment that are financed by businesses.  You can read about some of the different industries we work with here.  If you have a question or do not see an item on our list that you are interested in financing, give Providence Capital a call at 1-800-341-1288 or start here and we can help.