Purchasing equipment online

Purchasing equipment is not as easy as it once was for many businesses.  Due to COVID-19, businesses are looking for ways to conduct business with minimal contact.  This includes purchasing equipment and other necessities for businesses.

While it may not be ideal, modern technology will allow for businesses to purchase the equipment without having to leave their offices.  Much like shopping for personal items, shopping for equipment online has improved greatly.  The clarity of images from smartphones has also contributed to the success of shopping online in general.

Online sources such as Equipment Trader (one of many examples), allow you to refine results to find the exact equipment you are looking for.   This type of interface is familiar to many people by now due to personal online shopping.  You are able to view images, specs and other details from the seller.

Getting in contact with the seller is also important since there won’t be any face to face conversations.  Equipment Trader makes it easy to get in contact with the seller to ask any of your necessary questions.  You have the option of video chat, phone call or email.  All three of these mentioned methods can often help get you the information you may request.

Once you have found the equipment you are looking for there are several options for purchasing.

Financing the equipment you purchase online is also a process that does not require in-person meetings.  Providence Capital makes the process simple with our online equipment lease calculators and quick application.  We can even get you a quote on the equipment you are interested in just minutes.  Additionally, leasing can cover the shipping costs so the equipment will arrive at your business location.  This also minimizes human contact.

Not sure if equipment leasing is right for you?  Read about the advantages of equipment leasing or give one of our equipment finance experts at call at 1-800-341-1288.

While social distancing is in effect many businesses are taking more creative approaches.  While safety is important, it is also important for businesses to move forward.