Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way for people to experience demonstrations , receive education and network with others in their industries.  Due to COVID-19 and the importance of social distancing, large gatherings have been cancelled across the globe.

Similar to the way offices and restaurants have adapted, trade shows will need to get creative in order to comply with today’s restrictions.  Many industries are switching to remote services to avoid gatherings.  While this may not be ideal for certain types of events, trade shows might be able to take advantage of the technology that already exists.

Technology has made it possible for people to interact with one another without being in the same room.  This makes it possible for people to take part in real time experiences from the comfort and safety of their own home or office.  While this may not be the same as in person experiences,  it does allow for participation.

Below are just a few platforms that offer virtual trade shows:


vFairs offers a wide variety of virtual events including trade shows.

If you are attending a virtual trade show by vFairs, you have many options of getting in contact with vendors or attendees.  These methods of interaction include: video chat, audio, and text.  There is also the ability to host larger chats which are ideal for interview sessions and Q&As.

vFairs goes beyond communication abilities.  If you are interested in purchasing items from a vendor there is also the ability to do so through vFair’s platform.

Digital content is also easily accessible with the Virtual Briefcase.  The Virtual Briefcase allows attendees to collect and store marketing items for later use.


Hexafair is also an excellent platform for virtual events including virtual trade shows.  Hexafair also has the ability to use VR for a more realistic trade show experience.

Exhibitors have the ability to customize their booths.  Custom banners and graphics give each booth a unique look.

Exhibitors can also take advantage of targeting tools offered by Hexafair.  These tools increase the likeliness that the ideal attendees find the booths that would interest them.


While virtual trade shows might not be as appealing to many, there are some advantages.  Due to the shows being virtual, it is much easier to capture the information of attendees for later interaction.  Attendees also have the convenience of being able to purchase items from exhibitors and downloading marketing materials to their computers.

At this point there isn’t much certainty as to when life will return to normal.  In the meantime, the increase in the need for virtual events will likely lead to further innovation in this industry.