Alan Johnson with Providence Capital was a pleasure to work with.   He worked hard to get the project funded in a quick and timely manner.  If any other businesses are looking at going solar, I would recommend him as your source for financing. 

Ryan DeHart


Quentin D. Witherspoon Distillery 70.4 kW – Lewisville, TX

Alan Johnson did an excellent job at securing and expediting the financing for our solar project. We would recommend him and Providence Capital to other business owners looking to secure quick and easy solar financing.

Steve Harren


Crystal Mountain 193kW – Austin, TX

“Our project was unique and innovative and not without its challenges. Similarly were the financing requirements. Alan Johnson was an integral part of securing and expediting the complex financing arrangement with the bank for our solar project. We would recommend Alan and Providence Capital to anyone looking to secure any solar financing.”

Bill Schroeder

CFO Somerset Development

BellWorks 125kW (solar glass installation) – Somerset, NJ

We are extremely pleased with the efforts of Alan Johnson at Providence Capital in working with us as we went through the financing process.  He explained the process each step of the way and kept us informed so we didn’t have any “surprises”. His attention to detail and proactive approach kept the process moving along so we could meet our deadlines in a timely manner. We highly recommend him and Providence Capital for business owners who are looking for funding their solar project.

Darryl Frey


Greenridge Fruit 150kW – Grand Rapids, MI

We engaged with Alan Johnson at Providence Capital to finance the solar installation of a 25KVW at our winey. He was most helpful, efficient and professional

Tim Tulloch


The Next Chapter Winery 25kW – New Prague, MN

I had a good experience with Providence Capital. The rep, Alan Johnson, was attentive and worked very hard to get the financing secured. If any other businesses are looking at going solar, I would recommend him as your source for financing.

Michael Kahan


CleanTex Solutions 707 kW- Trenton, NJ

Alan Johnson did an excellent job, working quickly and efficiently at getting our funding secured for our solar project. He was always available to answer any questions you had, explained everything in detail, knew exactly what he was looking for, and overall made this process a breeze. We can’t imagine this project happening without Alan’s dedication and attention to detail. We’d highly recommend him for any financing needs.

Michael Stafford

Director of Technology

Re-Source Industries 150kW – Muskegon, MI

Alan Johnson helped us with the financing for our solar system. He was attentive to our needs and very professional.  -Bill Zimmerman, President

Bill Zimmerman


Salinas Valley Wax Paper Company 140 kW- Salinas, CA

I worked with Alan Johnson at Providence Capital and he was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to other businesses interested in going solar.

Bruce Fuchs


Uneeda Enterprizes 300kW – Spring Valley, NY

We ended up doing several of our apartment complexes with Alan Johnson and he did a great job of approving and funding each loan. I would recommend Providence Capital to other businesses owners considering going green.

Ariel Nessel


La Vita Apartments 102kW – Dallas, TX

Alan Johnson of Providence Capital was able to work with our solar installer, the solar energy grant program from the MA Department of Agriculture, tight deadlines from the SREC program, and our farm in order to find a financing solution to make this long planned project finally come to fruition. We appreciate that they were able to help make this project happen so that our farm electricity needs now are powered by the sun!

Ryan Voiland


Red Fire Farm 71kW – Montague, MA

I want to express my appreciation for Alan’s ability to get our financing approved in a quick manner, while also providing pricing lower than his competitors. From the credit process through the funding process, he was easily accessible and was able to promptly answer any questions we had.  He displayed professionalism in navigating the transaction and providing communication between us, the lender and the installer.   I would recommend him to other business owners who want fast, easy approvals at competitive market rates. 

Saul Siegman

President, Janico Manufacturing

Janico Manufacturing 100kW – Freeport, NJ

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am writing to you at this time to express our sincere appreciation from all of us at Henry’s Auto & Radiator Repair, to you and your incredible staff at Providence Capital Funding Inc.. You and your team alone made it possible our dream and desire to construct a ’24 kW Solar Array’ at our business a reality.

You may recall our particular challenge in being able to do so would entail having to secure permission and building permits from the city of San Diego to erect  a carport structure which would then provide the surface area for the surface area for the 90 plus solar panels to be erected and affixed upon.

Whereas, our efforts with two other solar company competitors failed to do so, your team made it so! Your company’s unwavering efforts on our behalf coupled with your coordination with the General Contractor, Golden West Energy, proved to be the winning combination we needed for success . and again we are grateful for all your good work.

During the time it took to secure the permits required for the construction and approval from the City of San Diego, you were even able to extend to us a reduction in the interest rate and down payment your company had initially quoted. The result of which, for us resulted in a saving to our cash reserves and lower lease payments.

We would be happy for you to feel free to use this letter and testimonial with any of you potential customers as they navigate the landscape in selecting a trustworthy funding company that goes the extra mile and gets the job done. Providence Capital Funding Inc. is just such a company.

Thanks again. We are happy to have had the opportunity to work with you, and we will recommend your team at Providence Capital Funding Inc. wherever and whenever we can. Best wishes to all and continued success.


Robert  ‘Bob’ Smith

Business Manager
Henry’s Radiator & Auto Repair

Henry’s Radiator 71kW – San Diego, CA

Earth to Earth 40kW – Pontiac, MI

Escondido Village Apartments 137kW – San Antonio, TX

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